Monday, September 25, 2006

More about the Evergreen Conference

More about the best weekend ever - it certainly was. Why? Because Samantha and I hung out with the coolest people ever - PineTree, Smurf, AttemptingThePath, and other cool guys. I now have about 8 new, wonderful friends! I miss them and can't wait until next year's conference. Yes, I'm going back!

Okay, SSA/SGA is not something I deal with directly. Sam has experienced it in her past, we have a young friend here locally ("David") that is dealing with it, and I have a man in my ward who is in a lot of deep, personal, mental, and emotional pain beccause of it. (I now have have about 8 more dear friends who are dealing with too.) So I want to learn more about it, and more importantly, how I can love, support, and help others who are dealing with it.

To me, the best speakers were Ty Mansfield and Fred & Marilyn Matis, authors of "In Quiet Desparation." I'd love to elaborate, but I do not have enough time or space. Just get the book and read it!

So now I have an assignment. I have to report to the other 11 bishoprics in my stake about SSA/SGA. What should I say? "Yeah, my wife and I went to SLC and played in the JSMB with some cool guys, had a LOT of fun, goofed around, then came home." Actually I did learn many things, but the highlight was just being with the guys (and Sam). If any of you have ANY advise or opinions about what bishops should learn or know about helping members who have SSA, please let me know.

Is "damnable" really a swear word? I'm sorry I missed that guy's workshop. I heard he was really good. Guys, if you're out there, please come visit us. Next time, maybe we'll play "Probe". Maybe Samantha and I will become the Fred & Marilyn Matis of the eastern Rockies. For now, here's to gellatinous pork! Cheers.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Okay, I just had the BEST weekend EVER! I met some great new friends in another world, at the Evergreen Conference in Salt Lake City. It was held in the coolest building, the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Here are some pictures below. More about the conference later.

We had a beautiful view outside the windows!

Here is another.