Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm sick!

I don’t mean to say that I am all gay-ed out, just having finished my second Evergreen Conference. I started getting sick Friday night. By Saturday afternoon, I had it, a cold-like thing – sore throat, stuffed sinuses, aches, etc. I apologize for being so anti-social at ATP’s movie night.

The conference was another great weekend of my life! I love these friends of mine!!! I cry terribly as I think of the trials they have, and I know it’s not just SSA. But my heart leaps with joy when I can be with them. And for the hetero side, there were more good-looking and hetero girls there this year. Even more of the lesbians were good-looking. (I really like to see good-looking people.)

I learned more, and that is the point. Dave Matheson, Jeff Robinson, and Rich Wyler have got some good parts of the thing figured out, but no one has it all. They claim to have it all figured out, but I know otherwise. In a way, it is fun putting the puzzle together, but it would be nice if it could eventually end some day. We are getting ever closer.

I wish I could do more at the conference.

A big “YO” to my new friends: the coolest and very beautiful Stephalumpagus (I wish you were in my ward!), lunchtime friend Edgy Killer Bunny, the Bi-Coastal Warrior/Struggler, and the many others I met or met again this weekend. And of course it was most awesome to see Smurf, Pinetree, and our other good friends in (not quite) Zion.

Now I’ve got to gather my notes and remember what I learned. Oh, and "Warrior" is the new "Struggler."

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Stinking Mohos

I must be spending too much time with Mohos and moho stuff. I think it is starting to rub off onto me. A girl at work cut her hair and think it s really cute. I kept thinking that everytime I saw her today. Stinking Mohos.

My new favorite blog is Ambrosia Ananas'. It's just great! She is awesome. I am going to try to write more like her - brief and to the point, and more often.