Sunday, October 26, 2008

Baptismal Slides

Funny thoughts. So I am a bishop. We recently had a special "Bishops and Ward Mission Leaders" meeting with the Stake Presidency. Baptisms and retention are up. Yeah for us. I am also very close friends with our Stake President, who is Sam's father, and I know he has a great sense of humor. That's the background. Now for the story.

So I just got an email from the Stake President (Maurice?) with an attachment. The email is entitled "Slides for High Baptizing Wards." Naturally, I see the word 'slides' and think of the slippery playground device. So I start imagining some hilarious picture of a baptismal font, with a man dressed in white standing in the middle of it, people being helped out of the font to the left, one at a time, and a line of people waiting to go down a pool-like slide into the font on the right side - a baptismal assembly line with a slide to help speed things up.

What I got instead was a PowerPoint presentation designed for new Mission Presidents. It was mostly text and not funny at all. I am so irreverent!

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