Monday, October 27, 2008

Cell Phone Faux Pas

My job involves service to businesses and organizations. I am typically in 3 to 6 different places a day. Today I had an interesting experience. I happen to be working near the restroom of a large real estate company. During the hour and a half that I was there, that restroom stayed pretty busy.

But then I noticed a lady coming down the hall talking on her cell phone. I though, "No, she won't head for the restroom - not while she's talking on the phone." She headed right for it. I am thinking quickly in the back of my mind while I work, "She'll get off just before she goes in. Bathrooms echo. The person on the end will know..." Nope. She went in and kept talking. I could hear the bathroom echo sound. Before long, I hear the toilet flush, and out she comes, still talking on the phone. "(NNNoooooooooo.... You can't DO that!)"

What was the person on the other end of the call thinking? What was this lady thinking??? What would you think if you were talking to someone, all of a sudden it sounds like they are in a small, tiled room, and then you hear a toilet flush close by???

So ... list of things to NOT do while talking on the cell phone: drive, walk down the street (I've seen people walk out into traffic), shower, chop vegetables, shave, operate a construction crane (or any heavy machinery), race cars, race boats, race anything, juggle machetes, perform a prostate exam, use the toilet. Uh, what else?

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